7 Examples of Creative Presentation Folders

A Blank Presentation Folder

7 Examples of Creative Presentation Folder Design for Branding

If you’re presenting your business to a client, give them a creative folder with their print materials. Here are 7 examples of creative presentation design.

As of 2014, the number of small businesses in Australia has reached over 2 million.

Part of the reason small businesses are thriving around the world is that many creative industries work best when the company is small. You don’t need to have a huge design agency to give clients exactly what they want. In fact, keeping it small can help you have the creative freedom you need to really make an impression.

When you present your business’s work, or mockups that you’ve done for them, to a client or potential client, the presentation folder design plays a critical role in the presentation’s success.

You wouldn’t show up to a job interview wearing unprofessional clothes, would you? So you also shouldn’t show up to a business meeting with a subpar presentation folder design. In this guide, we’ll help you create a folder that stands out — keep reading for our top folder design tips.

1. Try Die Cut Windows

A die cut window gives people a peek into what’s inside the folder before they open it. This “teaser” effect can actually make the reveal of the design in the folder that much more exciting.

Try a die cut in a creative shape to show off the content to its best advantage. This builds excitement from the moment you hand the folder to your client or prospective client. It also hints at the future excitement they can feel when the design really comes to life.

To maximise this strategy, consider an interesting die cut window shape that has something to do with the content inside. For example, if you’re showing interior design, you could create a die cut that looks like windows to a home.

2. Add Photos to Your Folder

Chances are good, photos might play a role in your design. But they can also liven up the folder itself.

A photo-rich folder in vibrant colours makes a statement all by itself. You can use these photos to add some branding to your folder. For example, it might have an image of your team, your office, or your products.

Just make sure that if you use photos, print them so they’re the highest quality. If the picture is blurry or the colour is off, you won’t get the same strong effect.

3. Use Embossing

Embossing is the quintessential way to make a business card look fancier. But did you know it can also add life to a presentation folder design?

Sometimes, you might want to go the opposite direction of vibrant and photo-heavy. Maybe a chic, minimalist design suits the project better. A great way to get this sleek look is to use embossing to add subtle interest.

Embossing raises or lowers letters or images from the folder stock, so you get a three-dimensional textured effect, too. When you hand the folder over, the person who takes it will get a memorable tactile sensation.

Of course, you can also combine embossing with images or colour, such as catchy metallics. But even all by itself, embossing will still catch people’s eyes.

4. Work With a Spot Coating

The coating on your folder can also add texture, making it glossy or shiny. You can also use matte or satin coatings for a different look instead. But to really make things creative, think about using a spot coating.

A spot coating changes the visual texture of part of the folder. This naturally draws the eye to just part of the design on the folder. For example, you could use spot coating to highlight some text or an image.

5. Consider Closures

How does the folder close up? Does it have a closure at all?

Folders don’t necessarily need closures. However, using a closure can give your design an exclusive feel. It’s like a present that needs to be opened, containing information that not everyone is privy to. Opening an interesting closure can make viewing the design feel like more of a thrill.

Of course, you don’t want to make the folder difficult to open. Try using an envelope-style die cut closure, or a tab that tucks in for easy closure. You can also use accessories like snaps or ribbon ties to close it.

To make a luxe statement, seal the folder with a custom wax seal. This adds a sense of formality to opening the folder, which works well in some contexts.

6. Store Media Inside

Cool take-home media items inside your folder can help make the whole presentation more memorable.

Think about using a folder that has media slots inside for business cards, brochures, or other items. You can make these take-home printed media items more modern by adding features like QR codes and social media handles.

If your folder slot design makes the media stand out, people will get excited to see what’s inside. Make sure the slots fit the items that will go inside them. You don’t want to have printed material falling out of the folder when you hand it over.

7. Try a Different Stock

The stock, or material that your folder is made out of, plays a bigger role than you might think.

When you look for a nice shirt at the store, you probably don’t just consider the visual look. The fabric also plays a role. Just like no one wants to wear a shirt made of cheap fabric, clients will feel put off by a folder made from cheap stock.

Upgrade the weight of the folder so it feels high-quality. Don’t forget that you can also switch up the colour and texture, as well as the thickness, to get the right effect.

What Will Your Presentation Folder Design Say?

The presentation folder design you choose lets you make a statement before the client ever sees what’s inside. Do you know what the design will convey to them?

Try the creative design examples listed here, and you’ll be able to make the statement you really want. Looking for the right place to print your custom presentation folders? Check out our folder selection here!


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