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Teardrop Banners and Feather flags

Are you planning an event or are you on the hunt for an innovative way to promote or market your business?
If so, why not take advantage of our bespoke teardrop banners and flags? At Island Printing, we offer a comprehensive range of products, including teardrop flags of all different sizes with a selection of base options. If you’re hoping to make your business stand out from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place!

The Best Teardrop Flags In Australia

At Island Printing, we pride ourselves on creating the finest-quality teardrop flags in Australia.

We offer customised teardrop flags in a range of different sizes, and we can tailor the product to suit your individual needs. Whether you’d like single or double-sided printing or you’re interested in a specific type of base for your promotional flag, we can work to your requirements. Our teardrop flags are made from high-quality materials, and they’re designed to stand the test of time, as well as changeable weather conditions. Whether you’re exhibiting at an indoor trade show or you’ve got a stall at an outdoor event, we’ve got you covered.

Promotional Teardrop Flags From Island Printing

At Island Printing, we recognise the importance of being able to turn heads and market your brand whenever possible.

If you’ve got a business event looming, or you’re looking for effective new ways of showcasing your business at a tradeshow, a community fair or an Expo, our teardrop advertising flags could be just what you need. These flags are bold, they’re easy to spot from a long distance, and they give you the opportunity to get your brand out there. If you’re keen to attract people to your stall or stand, a promotional teardrop flag can help you enhance the aesthetic of your pitch and encourage people to come and take a look. Printed teardrop flags are also an excellent way to get your brand name up in lights at events such as charity runs, high-profile sports matches, and networking events.

We We Print For

We work with clients who have a template ready to print, as well as those who are looking for guidance and advice to turn ideas into a tangible product that will have a positive impact on their business. We can go through designs with you and play around and experiment to conjure up something special.

Affordable, Teardrop Flags

We handle every order on an individual basis, and we take single requests, as well as bulk orders. With Island Printing, you can rest assured that every order is handled with the same level of attention to detail. Regardless of whether you’ve ordered one flag or hundreds of custom teardrop flags, we’ll present you with the best quality products at affordable prices. We understand that running a business is all about the numbers, and we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible at the same time as championing quality and customer service. If you have a budget in mind, we’ll do everything possible to cater for your requirements.

The Many Benefits Of Teardrop Flags For Your Business

Many people go into business assuming that you need to spend a fortune on marketing materials to get your name up in lights.

With products like teardrop wind flags, you can make a splash and cause a stir without spending a huge amount of money. The beauty of teardrop wind flags is their visibility. They are easy to spot from long distances, and they can attract attention and set you apart from your competitors. We offer affordable printed teardrop flag signs, which are ideally suited to all kinds of different events. Our professional printing services are famed for producing the best quality products to help you create an amazing first impression. A smart, stylish, visually enticing flag will get you noticed for all the right reasons. If you’re exhibiting outdoors or you’re providing branded teardrop flags to advertise your business at an event such as a fun-run or a careers fair, for example, you want the crowds to see your banner and then want to learn more. With our innovative designs and expert insight, we can help you achieve results.

I’m Ready To Order! What Is The Next Step?

If you’re interested in ordering teardrop flags for an event, why not get in touch with us?

If you know exactly what you want, we can process your order and have your custom teardrop flags ready in no time. Alternatively, if you have ideas you’d like to discuss with us, you’d like advice about choosing bases, or you’re keen to gather information about prices and order timeframes, we’d be happy to get together with you and talk about your order in more detail.

You can contact us online or simply give us a call on 07 5514 0308.

A Single Ground Spike For A Teardrop Flag
The base of a teardrop flag
The base of a teardrop flag
The flag edge of a teardrop banner
The edge of a teardrop flag

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Teardrop Printing FAQ

We can produce your teardrop flag within 5-7 business days from the time that your artwork is approved and signed off. For urgent requests please contact us.

Yes! Corflute signs are used outside all the time.

Teardrop flags generally last 2-3 years outdoors.

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