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A brochure needs to be of top quality as its job is to help promote your business by showcasing your products or services.

When making a purchase decision, a potential customer will compare the quality of your promotional literature to those of your competitors, so a brochure must project an image of high-quality and professionalism.

Unlike a simple flyer, a brochure contains multiple panels or pages of information. These panels or pages may be created by a variety of folds, or from multiple sheets bound together in booklet form. Whether folded or bound, brochures can be created in a variety of standard and custom sizes with a huge choice of stock.

Heavier stock is usually used to enhance the perception of quality but also because a brochure should be more durable, as it may be kept around for a while and referred to. We also offer protective finishes such as a laminate, UV and coating.

In addition, many brochures use special creative features to further enhance the product. For example, the cover may have embossed, foil-stamped, or spot-coated areas for emphasis.

Needless to say, brochures are extremely effective marketing tools and one of the most important pieces of promotional literature an organisation can produce.


Do glossy brochures still work, or has digital marketing killed the power of print?

Marketing Director at The Marketing Centre, Lance Hiley writes: Trends come and go, but marketing specialists and their clients have tended to prefer printed brochures to leaflets or flyers as a means of displaying many more beautiful photographs and a wealth of detailed information. Designed to be retained and referred to again and again, they’ve generally offered greater longevity too, keeping potential or actual purchases at the forefront of the mind.

What is the turnaround time for my brochures?

This depends on the amount and specifications of your order. We can complete short runs in 2-3 days while bigger orders may take 5-7 working days.

What kinds of artwork files do you accept?

We prefer artwork supplied as a print ready file with 3mm bleed/margin (we can send you an artwork specification guide). If you have artwork but you are unsure if it is print ready, please send us the file and we can check it for you.

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