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Brochure Printing

Brochures are a fantastic, cost effective tool for promoting your business.
They are a simple way to tell your clients and customers about your products or business. At Island Printing we offer a massive range of tools and equipment utilising the latest technologies and highest quality printers so that we can create cost-effective affordable brochures. We can print any almost any number of pages at almost any size and with almost any colour combination. We can also print high quality brochures with a fast turnaround if you urgently need them for an upcoming event.

Premium Brochures At Affordable Price

We have been in the industry for over a decade with thousands of happy customers.

We can do all kinds of printing such as business cards, stationary, flyers, postcards and posters. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

At Island Printing we have everyone you need in-house including a highly qualified design team who can make your folded brochures stand out from the crowd and get results. We also have an experienced quoting team who can recommend the best types of paper and finishes to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. We use the best printers and technologies available, with the best papers and finishing equipment to ensure superior results. Our eye for detail and strict quality assurance on all printed goods is what sets us apart from our competitors and provides you with the best brochures possible.

Folded Brochure Printing

At Island Printing we can provide affordable brochures with almost any finish.

We also provide many folded brochure printing styles such as Tri-Fold, Bi-Fold, Z-Fold and 4 Panel Folds. You are bound to find the perfect combination of size, shape and fold by using us at Island Printing.

Some common brochure sizes are below…


This is the most common, standard size for brochures and flyers. This is the size of a standard ream of paper you would buy from the local store. It’s hard to go wrong with a brochure at this size.


Half a standard A4 sheet of paper, usually an A4 sheet folded in half. Great smaller option.


This is one third of an A4 sheet of paper. Normally you would start from an A4 sheet and fold it in 3… giving you 6 panels when you combine the front and the back.


This is becoming a popular option. A6 is the size of a standard postcard and is a great option for greeting cards. It’s very easy to post and easy to handle.


One of the larger options available. It’s not common to print brochures this large but it’s still something that can have it’s benefits. A3 is twice the size of a standard A4 sheet.


Have a custom size in mind for your brochures? Ask us! We can print in almost any size or shape and are more than happy to discuss your needs!

We keep a huge selection of paper stocks on the shelf so that we can print almost any kind of brochure straight away. The most common type of paper for printing a brochure is Gloss but there are many options such as Recycled, Satin and Metallic. Most stocks come in various thicknesses such as 100gsm, 150gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm and 300gsm.

If you have a specific kind of paper that you would like your brochure printed on please contact us!

High Quality Brochure Printing

Our attention to detail is unparalleled and we take every possible precaution ensuring that we get your high quality brochures right the FIRST time.

All artwork is thoroughly checked for common printing errors and we NEVER proceed with printing any file unless a proof has been sent to our clients and approved for printing!  All brochures are printed locally at our Gold Coast factory.

Every day we are shown thousands of marketing messages through various sources such as printed materials and digitally. It is essential that a printed brochure stands out from the crowd, our innovative team is equipped to do just that. Our designs are eye-catching and our prints utilise the highest quality inks and materials making your brochures POP. Island Printing can take your business to the next level.

We provide brochures in all kinds of formats and sizes. A standard brochure is folded in half but we can also provide complex shapes, folds and page numbers to suit your needs. With boutique finishes such as fold-outs or custom shapes your brochure will have a bigger impact on your audience and will capture their attention.

Competitively Priced Printing

At Island Printing we offer extremely competitive pricing.

We are always improving our services and regularly compare our products and services to ensure that our pricing is competitive and valuable for our clients. If you are a marketing director, we work with many large companies and can provide price lists and detailed brochure printing quotes with multiple requirements.

High quality brochures are a brilliant way to provide information to your clients by providing images and text to present your products or services. The results can be exceptionally rewarding to your business and you don’t need to be a professional designer – we have a team of designers who can use your logos and information to create a professional brochure for you.

We provide premium brochure printing locally and across the country providing remarkable results. We are happy to ship your brochures to you no matter where in Australia you are located. Our unique approach to affordable brochure printing provides countless businesses incredible visual results leading to increased business.

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Brochure Printing FAQ

Marketing Director at The Marketing Centre, Lance Hiley writes: Trends come and go, but marketing specialists and their clients have tended to prefer printed brochures to leaflets or flyers as a means of displaying many more beautiful photographs and a wealth of detailed information. Designed to be retained and referred to again and again, they’ve generally offered greater longevity too, keeping potential or actual purchases at the forefront of the mind.

Production times for all print jobs can vary greatly depending on quantity, stock and finish. A typical turnaround for brochures is 3-5 days. We can print brochures faster if needed! For urgent requests please contact us.

We can print any kind of brochures including metallic, Spot UV, custom sizes and much more.  If you have further questions please contact us.

We prefer artwork supplied as a print ready file with 2.5mm bleed/margin (we can send you an artwork specification guide). If you have artwork and you are unsure if it is print ready, please send us the file and we can check it for you.

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