Very Vinyl: Your Complete Guide to Custom Vinyl Banners


 Do you run a business? Are you looking for ways to capture the attention of customers? Maybe bring people through the door? 

It can get plenty challenging in today’s short attention span world to grab the attention of others. But do you know you can create custom vinyl banners to use with the business that is sure to get you noticed?

Have we peaked your attention? Read on to learn more about creating a custom vinyl banner for your business. 

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What Is a Custom Vinyl Banner?

Surely, you understand the word custom. It means it’s made just for you. The custom vinyl banners are designed and created just for your unique needs. 

You can decide what colours are used, what design, what graphics, even the size, and shape. If you have an idea for a custom vinyl banner, we can make it for you. Think about your business’ branding. You can even work with your branding to coordinate the banner with it. 

Banner Placement

The first step is to think about where you want to place your banner. Will it be inside or outside, we can make them for both. The banners are made to withstand the weather conditions including the sun so they won’t fade. 

Do you want a long vertical banner or a horizontal one that can stretch across the top of a space?

What's Your Banner's Message?

Think about what you might use your banner for in your business. Are you promoting your business in general? Then maybe you want to include a business tagline. 

Are you hoping to use the banner to promote a specific event?  Think about what information needs to be included. 

Work on writing copy that isn’t too word-heavy but will also grab the attention of the audience. 

Size and Format Decisions

Here, again, you want to consider where your banner is going.  Will it get anchored to a stand outside or will it be hanging high up? This might not seem like a big deal, but it should impact your design decisions for the banner. 

You’ll want to start to think about the banner’s placement. Then you can consider how the copy gets placed on the banner. How will people see your message? 

Fonts, Colour and Images

Font, colour, and images will be part of the design decisions our team can help you make. 

Some people’s instinct is to want to choose a font that’s too intricate. Remember, you want your banner to be easily readable. Think about how the font will translate into a larger size too. 

Again, the colour and images will be much larger on the banner. Think about how much of the banner you’d like to use with images or graphics. Consider your branding colours. Can you incorporate those into your banner too?

Get Your Custom Vinyl Banners Today

Custom vinyl banners can help you get the attention you seek for your business. You don’t want to use a generic banner that any business could buy and use when you can get one that works specifically for your business and needs. 

If you want to learn more about creating a custom banner for your business, we can help. Contact us to chat with an Island Printing about your custom vinyl banner needs. 




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