Top 5 Flag Printing Options

A Printed Teardrop Blag

Top 5 Flag Printing Options

Do you have a flag you need to print, but aren’t sure how you want it done? Read on to learn about the top flag printing options.

Are you in need of a high-quality flag?

Flags are great for conventions since they help booths stand out. They’re excellent decorations and celebratory accessories, and can help schools and sports teams show some much-needed spirit!

With advancements in technology, flags are now easier and faster to make. It has opened possibilities for custom designs, especially for advertising. While looking for a style that would fit your flag design, you might want to look at the style of printing that fits your needs and resources.

The following are five flag printing options that you can check out.

1. Screen Flag Printing

One of the options that you can try for flag printing is through screen printing. This method makes use of patterns placed on a silk screen before setting the paints through to have the patterns applied.

The advantage of this method is in mass-production, as it makes it easy to manufacture custom flags in large quantities. It also sports a sharp finish and vibrant colours on flags. Not to mention the volume for the paints and inks are in a desirable thickness, ensuring its durability.

Another thing of note for its properties is that screen printing is either automated or done by hand. This makes it a straightforward method that ensures results with the most minimal amount of tools.

It is perfect for mass-production and fulfilling bulk orders for printing. But it is not the ideal means for printing in smaller amounts. It requires prep time to have certain pigments and other materials ready.

Another downside to it is about the use of colours. The more colours used, the more expensive it gets.

2. Single-Sided Digital Printing

Digital printing is another option for making custom flags. Using state-of-the-art flag printers, it allows for swifter printing of custom flag designs.

With digital printing, you can make use of complex designs with lesser effort. It is also perfect for smaller printing jobs. Although there are various printing styles as flags now come in various shapes.

Flag shapes can be either the standard rectangular shape, the teardrop, or even the feather flag shape. Depending on the desired choice in design, you can opt for a single-sided print or a dual-sided print.

Single-sided printing covers one side with the design, leaving the other side white. This works well on all possible fabrics and is best for setting up the flag as a stationary banner.

A downside to this is on how there is a tendency for the colors to bleed towards the back. This can be undesirable in a visual sense if you are using it on a teardrop flag, for instance. If you are setting up the flag in a way that it doesn’t reveal the back, there are no problems to it.

3. Double-Sided Digital Printing

Like the method used in single-sided digital printing, double-sided allows you to take on an extra consideration for the flag design as you can make use of both sides of the flag without leaving any dull areas.

It is the perfect orientation for teardrop flags and feather flags if you plan to have both sides bearing the same image regardless of the direction they are being looked at.

There are a variety of configurations that you can opt for when having a double-sided print. You may have the same design on both front and back side. Perfect for ensuring streamlined uniformity. You may also use a different image on the back side to add some variety and earn a second look at your flag.

Another method is the application of a blackout material in-between the two flags. This prevents the prints from not showing at the back. It ensures that both sides would look solid.

The downside for this method would be in the added expenses. A case when you opt to for a double-sided print with a blockout fabric in-between. It is best for smaller quantities.

4. Heat Transfer

Another method to consider is the use of heat sublimation or heat transfer for flag printing. This process involves the use of sublimation printing paper and sublimation ink. After which, the design gets applied to the fabric at a certain heat temperature. This transfers the design to the textile.

This method is best used for high-quality photos and complex designs. It allows for a full-coloured printing process, adding vibrancy to the design of the flag. Consider this option in case opting for a more vibrant design. Also, this method tends to have flags produced in smaller quantities.

However, due to this process, it is also has a slow printing time. It is not ideal for greater production amounts. Making it work well for smaller production orders.

5. Applique

This flag printing method is a process that doesn’t exactly involve printing. Instead, it makes use of hand sewing. The process is meticulous but it allows for a beautiful embroidered design. It can go for a single side, single side reverse, or double-sided.

Notable to its intricate nature and design, the product of this method works well for indoors. The price depends on the design complexity. A notable downside is that it takes time to create, approximately around four weeks. While the digital prints tend to run at around two weeks with a rush option.

In case you fancy a beautiful flag with an intricate look, this method might be for you.

Have Your Designs Printed Today!

Flag printing can come in a variety of ways and uses, more so with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Despite this, other older methods are still applicable today. It all comes down to the type of printing you want and the materials you intend to use. It also depends on the purpose of your flag printing.

At the end of the day, know that there is one method well-suited for your printing needs.

Considering the idea of having prints for your flags? We offer a variety of printing solutions that meet your needs. Feel free to contact us today and we’ll get you started with your prints.


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