A Business Owner’s Guide to Invoice Book Printing


Many business owners struggle with keeping track of paperwork. Have you ever thought about getting customized invoice book printing? This gives you an easy way to organize your sales documentation.

Keep reading this guide to learn about custom book printing for your business.

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Types of Invoice Book Printing

Managing a business requires rigorous attention to detail and documentation. This pays off in optimizing work efficiency and profits. Companies may use several types of books related to managing their sales.

Invoice books

A sales invoice book keeps a record of the products or services sold to customers. It’s itemized to show individual items and the amount owed. This allows the owner or bookkeeper to track all sales.

Receipt Books

A receipt book documents when a business receives the final payment for a sale. It gives the customer proof of ownership. You also have a record of which employees completed the sale.

Receipts also include a list of items bought, prices, discounts, taxes, and credits. This type of book tracks the method of payment as well as data about the seller and buyer.

Order Books

Order books track all sales. Businesses can analyze which products or services that have the highest sales volume. You can also consider optimal price points to promote sales.

Reasons for Printing Your Invoice Books

Printing invoice books provides an efficient tool to record and maintain sales documents. Each transaction is also kept in chronological order. The following describes reasons businesses must keep records.


The Australian Taxation Office recommends that small business owners keep sales invoices. This assists with filing taxes and provides documentation in case of an audit.


Organized, accessible sales invoices provide protection against fraud. This also gives you solid evidence in the event of a civil lawsuit.

The invoice book shows the court that you keep meticulous records of your sales which promotes your professionalism. Having the customer sign the invoice also shows that they agreed to the terms.


Analysing invoice, receipt, and order books allow businesses to create target marketing plans. The business can eliminate low return items and focus on promoting successful ones. It also helps identify your target audience.

Advantage of Getting Custom Invoice Books

Each business has its unique perspective and needs. Working with a custom printing company allows you to get books that meet your needs.

Do You Want Copies?

Many businesses need more than one copy of invoices, receipts, or order forms. This is easily done using “No Carbon Required” (NCR) paper. You can choose the number of NCR copies and even the colour of NCR paper you wish. Different colour copies may help you organize order fulfilment.

What Do You Want on Your Form?

When you choose a printer that offers customization, the sky’s the limit. Include your logo, contact information, perforated pages, page numbers, and more.

How Do You Want Your Book Designed?

Book covers can be plain or coloured with coordinated tape binding. Many businesses have brand colours that the printer can put into the book design.

Would You Like to Have Customized Books for Your Business?

Having custom receipt, order, and invoice book printing completed is easy. Island Printing Gold Coast offers many printing services for the Brisbane area. Our focus lies in giving you’re the best service possible.

You can choose from printed paper products to vinyl stickers and signs of all sizes. We use only eco-friendly, state-of-the-art HP Latex printers. Request a quote today so we can get started on your order.




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