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Turning your designs into professionally printed flyers has never been easier!
Flyers are one of the methods of “traditional” advertising that is still highly effective. When someone has a flyer in their hand, it’s right in front of them. They won’t scroll past it, barely noticing that it’s even there, like they can with an online advert. Put it in their hand, on their doorstep or even in a package you send them, and they won’t be able to ignore it. You could be advertising a new product or service, an event or a special offer – flyers can help you to get your message out there.

All Your Flyer Needs

A killer flyer design is a vital element for successful flyers.

Print quality is also extremely important and you need the right flyer printing service to achieve that. Island Printing provides a bulk flyer printing service for all your flyer needs, whether you own a business or you need some flyers for a school event. We offer flyer and leaflet printing that will help you promote your products, services or cause in one of the most effective ways possible.

Premium Quality

Our premium quality flyers are always expected to live up to the highest standards.

We can offer a range of impressive special effects, from shiny, metallic detailing to Spot UV. As well as the set flyer sizes that we have on offer, we are also able to produce custom flyer sizes. All of our flyers are printed using the highest quality machines available, so every single one is as good as the last. We only send you your flyers once we’re happy with them. We print on a variety of stocks, including silk, gloss and matte paper, so you can get just the look you want for your flyers.

Flyer Sizes

Various flyer sizes work well for different purposes.

We offer four different standard flyer print sizes to meet your needs. These include:

A4 Flyers

This is the size of a standard piece of paper (i.e. the paper that you usually put in your office printer). It measures 210mm x 297mm. It’s a great choice if you want a larger flyer, perhaps for displaying, rather than for handing out or mailing.


Half the size of A4, an A5 flyer measures 148mm x 210mm. It’s the ideal size for distributing by hand and can easily be folded to put in someone’s bag or pocket.


An A6 flyer is about a quarter of the size of A4 at 105mm x 148mm. These postcard size flyers have a range of uses, from distributing by mail to popping into packages or giving out by hand. They’re one of the two smallest sizes we offer, along with the DL flyer.


A DL flyer is one that is designed to fit into a DL envelope, which is 110mm x 120mm. Flyers are made just a little bit smaller, so they can fit inside the envelope, measuring 99mm x 210mm. They’re long and narrow, and ideal for fitting into mail boxes. Our DL flyer printing option is for anyone who wants them ready for easy distribution.

Speedy Flyer Printing Service

When you’re looking to design and print flyers, you don’t want to be held up by a slow service.

Accessing a fast flyer printing service is paramount if you have a timeline and a tight deadline for distributing your flyers. Our quick flyer printing service will ensure you’re not waiting around for the materials you need. We will have your flyers printed in no time, and we don’t skimp on quality to bring you a fast service. You can be sure that you’ll still receive great quality flyers, without having to wait too long for them.

Flyer Design

The perfect flyer design is essential to produce good flyers.

At Island Printing, you can provide your own flyer design if that’s what you prefer. As long as it’s a good enough quality to make good flyers, it’s fine with us. But if you don’t already have a design for your flyers, we’re happy to help you out there too. Our graphic design service is here to cater for all your needs.  We can take care of every stage of the flyer process, from design to print. We can offer advice on printing options  and what makes a good design for turning flyers into clients.

Flyer Uses

Flyers have a range of uses to help you promote your business, event or organisation.

You can distribute them in a number of ways, from putting them up in shop windows and on notice boards to mailing them or handing them out on the street. If you’re not sure whether you need flyers, here are some of the things you can do with them:

  • Promote an event, from parties and club nights to school fairs
  • Connect traditional and digital marketing by driving traffic to your site
  • Promote a special offer, competition or sale
  • Find volunteers or drive donations for your charity or nonprofit organisation
  • Spread the word about your brand at a conference or trade show
  • Include flyers in your customers’ orders promoting further products or offers
  • Team up with other businesses for cross-promotion with each other’s flyers
  • Distribute restaurant menus and special offers

Flyers can help you get the word out about anything and everything. With a powerful design, a premium quality print and the right method of distribution, you can do a lot with a simple flyer.

Affordable Flyer Printing

We know that affordability is extremely important for anyone who needs to print flyers.

From small businesses to charities, you need to stick to a marketing budget. Our affordable prices aim to help you stay within your budget. We give everyone a custom quote so that we can work within your budget and get you a satisfactory result. To find out what your project might cost, request a quote from us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For all your flyer design and printing needs, contact us today! We can discuss your requirements and you can ask us any questions you might have.

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FLYER Printing FAQ

Production times for all print jobs can vary greatly depending on quantity, stock and finish. A typical turnaround for flyers is 3-5 days and dispatched from our Gold Coast print shop. For urgent requests please contact us.

We can print any kind of flyers including metallic, Spot UV, custom sizes and much more.  If you have further questions please contact us.

Yes of course. We typically require artwork to be supplied as a PDF with a 3mm bleed. If you have any questions or need help with artwork please contact us.

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