Car Magnet Printing

Take your marketing anywhere... any time!

Car magnets are vinyl signs or logos with a magnetic layer that helps firmly affix them to magnetic surfaces such as vehicles. The material allows high quality printing of vivid colorful images allowing your details to be distinctly seen while you drive your vehicle.

Car magnets have taken marketing to a whole new level. Businesses are so used to setting down advertising materials in strategic locations in order to promote their brands and attract new customers but with our car magnets, you can take your branding anywhere!

Car Magnet Features

Cost-effective: Car Magnets are proven to be cheaper than comparable graphics. The materialsare long-term so the ongoing costs are minimal.

Versatile: Car Magnets can easily adapt to any changes made in marketing strategy. If you decide to run a different promotion, magnets can easily be replaced or switched to a different vehicle.

Durable: Our Car Magnets are some of the highest quality on the market. Since they are printed on long-term vinyl, they are bound to withstand harsh weather conditions including exposure to direct sunlight.

Customisable: Our Car Magnets can be printed in any size. Allowing you to create designs that will effectively promote your brand.

High Definition

Go as bold as you want with your designs, it’s nothing car magnets can’t handle. It will be printed on long-term vinyl and laminated for UV and general protection so rest assured that your magnets maintain their vibrance for many years.

Quick Turnaround

Since the materials used to make our Car Magnets are commercially readily available, manufacturing is easy. Depending on your desired design, you may receive your magnets in as early as 48 hours.

Ways You Can Use Your Car Magnets

Car magnets can showcase the most important and engaging elements of your business in the most economical way.

Compared to static billboards and signages, car magnets tend to evoke an immediate response. Car magnets do not need to be sought but would rather be instantly noticed by people as they drive by vehicles that display your advertisement, making them more likely to engage in your brand. 

  • Magnets for Small Businesses
  • Reflective Traffic Magnets
  • Reflective Mining Magnets
  • Security Car Door Magnets
  • Delivery Vehicle Magnets
  • Just Married Sign Magnets
  • Election Sign Magnets
  • Food Trucks Magnets

If you want to give several trucks, automobiles, or vans a unified, branded look, they are an excellent alternative because they are simple to add or remove.

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Basic Car Magnet Price List

Qty 400mm x 300mm
2 $90 each
4 $58 each
6 $48 each
8 $41 each
10 $38 each

All prices exclude GST. This is a basic price list only. For a custom quote please fill out our Quote Request Form.


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Car Magnet Printing FAQ

We can produce your car magnets within 2-5 business days from the time that your artwork is approved and signed off. For urgent requests please contact us.

Yes! Car magnets are used outside all the time.

Our car magnets generally last 3-5 years outdoors.

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