8 Key Benefits of Using a Pop-Up Banner

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8 Key Benefits of Using a Pop-Up Banner

A pop-up banner makes a professional and effective display at trade shows and other events. Here are 8 benefits of using pop-up banners.

Heading to a trade show or major convention?

Are you hoping to showcase your new business to attract customers or perhaps allure a few investors to your cause? Either way, you’ll need eye-catching banners and other forms of print ads to grab their attention.

Yes, not everything has to be digital. Many marketing experts still value traditional print ads.

As a matter of fact, you could achieve so much with something as affordable and simple as a pop-up banner. You see these things everywhere during events and they’re more efficient than some people give them credit for.

But what are the benefits of using pop-up banners? Why are they as popular as they are today?

We’ve got you covered. If you’ve ever wondered whether to invest in these banners, here’s a quick rundown of 8 benefits you simply can’t pass up:

1. Portability

One of the biggest benefits of using pop up banners is their portability. It’s simply so quick to pack them and carry them around. The pop-up stand is easy to put up or disassemble and you can roll the banner in no time.

Take a moment to consider your other print ads. Flyers are loose and easy to scatter. Big banners require time to tie up and you need a ladder to place them high enough to stay efficient.

Compared to those, pop-ups go up and get taken down in mere minutes.

2. Durability

Flyers rip. Calling cards get lost. Loose posters fall off the wall and get trampled on.

You won’t have to deal with these issues with pop-up banners. The stand uses durable metal that collapses easily for quick assembly. They can also take a heavy beating, ensuring they don’t break even with constant use.

The banner itself uses high-quality vinyl material. This guarantees the print won’t fade, even when under constant exposure to rain and sunlight. You know your banner will last more than a few good months or years.

3. Affordable

PPC campaigns and an SEO strategy cost more money than you’d think. Flyers and calling cards can be expensive too. A killer business card and beautiful brochures are amazing but you have to keep printing them, after all, since you give a lot of them away.

A banner pop-up is a long-term investment.

The initial cost isn’t high and once you get it, you won’t have to spend on it ever again. It’s an evergreen investment that you can use for multiple events. Simply pack it, travel, and set it up at your next location.

You don’t have to print it again. You don’t have to buy a new stand.

4. Pop-Up Banners Don’t Consume Much Space

Ever seen pop-up banners on event floors? They’re vertical advertisements, meaning they don’t take a lot of lateral space on the floor. If you have a small booth space, this is one of the best options to get your ad out there.

This means you can advertise no matter how small your space is during a convention. It won’t get in the way of your other important items, like display booths or sample booths.

When packed, these banners are quite compressed. You can easily it hand-carry it as you travel and you can likely carry more than one of these banners without much hassle.

5. Better Visibility

Brochures are great for explaining your business and products to the consumer. Calling cards help clients contact you and establish a relationship. These banners are great for one simple but crucial effect: drawing attention.

Pop up banners are big and tall, meaning anyone passing by will see it. You can place it by the entrance of a shop to get people to notice your store. You can put it a few feet away from your booth at an event to direct people your way.

Regardless of where you put it, the banner is going to get noticed. People will see it and people will look at it. Better visibility means more people likely checking your business out.

6. Convenient Assembly

Have you ever tried to tie a big banner flag up to the ceiling? You need rope, tape, and a ladder. Putting up traditional posters is a hassle too since you need glue or tape and in many events, you have to take them down too.

Pop-up banners are a convenient little package. Setting them up and taking them down take less than a minute or two.

7. Compatible with Digital Advertising Too

Don’t think pop-up banners are effective in a digital age? Think again – you can put in a QR code on the poster to lead customers to your site. You can add augmented reality technology on it too, letting them experience something fun and unique.

Augmented reality is already becoming a normal feature for some posters. Facebook and some movie posters interweave AR technology with their banners. You can do the same to ensure your banners do more than catch people’s attention.

You can use AR to offer discounts, get people to subscribe to your site, or purchase things online.

8. Easy to Customize

Designing a pop-up banner is like designing a poster. You can customize how they look with ease. If you don’t know how to use tools like Photoshop or Illustrator, there are experts – like us – who can help you through the process!

Does your banner need an update? Has it been a year since you printed it and you want to change the information on it? We can help you edit the data on the original PSD file to alter what you need and print it out in no time!

Use a Pop-Up Banner Now!

What are you waiting for? Print and use a pop-up banner now before you head out for your next event or convention!

These banners work wonders, especially when paired with other print ads like posters, brochures, and calling cards. They even complement the best digital ads and can use technological advances like AR to enhance the user experience.

Excited to get your first pop-up banner printed? Contact us today and we can get it done for you!


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