Why You Should Use Vinyl Promotional Stickers for Your Business

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Promoting your business is essential no matter how you do it. This article has information on why you should use promotional stickers to advertise your business.

When it comes to promoting your product or company, stickers might not be the first thing to come to mind.

You’d likely first think of commercials, print ads, or other traditional methods of advertising.

But why not stickers? Promotional stickers are a fun and creative way to spread your brand in a grassroots fashion.

Read on to learn why your company should start using promotional stickers in its marketing campaigns.

They’re Basically Free Advertising

Imagine that you’re driving down a local street or a major highway. You keep your eyes on the road, but occasionally you sneak a glance at the rest of the world around you.

One of the most interesting things you’ll see while driving is billboards. Massive posters designed to catch your eye. They tell you which restaurant to stop at or who to call if you have legal problems or other promotions of any given business.

Billboards are a classic form of advertising, but are they right for your own business? At around $2,500 a pop, they’re not exactly the most economical option.

Your eyes look back to the road. You zero in on the rear of the car in front of you. Their bumper and rear winder are plastered in stickers and decals.

And you know how much it cost each business to get featured on that bumper? A whole lot less than that billboard.

Promotional stickers are basically free advertising. When somebody slaps your sticker on their car or laptop or water bottle, you get much of the same exposure as traditional advertising methods for a fraction of the cost.

They’re Mobile

Sticking with our previous example, think about how long you stared at those marketing stickers. You likely saw those stickers for the same amount of time, if not longer, than the billboard.

That billboard is stuck in place. It’s not going anywhere.

Sure, the company advertising can buy another billboard further down the road, but that’s an additional chunk of change.

Meanwhile, you could be cruising behind those same stickers for miles.

Promotional stickers are mobile. They go wherever the things they’re put on go.

Your company’s name and logo could visit a classroom, a library, a gym, a shopping mall, and a bar all in the same day. Now that’s advertising efficiency.

They’re Long-Lasting

Along with billboards, TV and radio spots are another traditional form of advertising.

Like billboards, they can be expensive. And also like billboards, your exposure to them is fleeting.

A commercial pop on for 15 or 30 seconds, or sometimes a bit longer. But when they’re done, they’re done. Then the TV moves on to the next commercial or back to the program.

With such limited exposure, a person’s retention of the contents of the ad isn’t going to be great. For a commercial to work, you need to air many of them, and often, to hammer home your promos. And of course, that costs more money.

Relative to other marketing, vinyl stickers are pretty durable and long-lasting.

A decal can be stuck in place for years. Ones of good quality will endure through bad weather and spills and drops and other threats.

If you incorporate stickers into your marketing strategy, you know that wherever they go, they’ll be there for the long haul.

They’re Non-Intrusive

People don’t like advertising. It’s especially annoying when it’s intrusive.

Commercial get in the way of your TV shows. Pop-up ads on websites get in the way of the content you want to read. It feels like ads invade our own personal space.

Using stickers for marketing is much more low-key. Stickers don’t get in the way of people’s activities. They’re just there, and looking at them is your own prerogative.

Because they’re non-intrusive, promotional stickers won’t annoy the people you’re trying to reach out to.

They Show Brand Advocacy

One of the coolest things about stickers is the connection they have to the person that placed it.

Think about it: An individual had to consciously think about using your sticker. They needed to decide they wanted to, and then decide where to put it.

That means one of two things. The first is that the person really likes your brand and is proud to sport your name and logo on their belongings. The second is that you did a great job with graphic design and the sticker looks cool on their stuff.

In either case, that individual just became an advocate for your brand. By using your sticker, they declare to the world, “I like this company! Look at this sticker!”

Brand advocacy is one of the most valuable marketing assets a company can have.

People tend to trust the word of other individuals ahead of advertising or marketing or PR or anything that comes directly from the company. That trust derives from being an otherwise unbiased source. They’re a third party that has no personal stake in the success or failure of the business in question.

When an individual recommends or promotes a brand or business on their own accord, it leaves a significant impact.

By using stickers for marketing your business, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to harness the incredible power of brand advocacy.

They’re Fun to Give Away

Let’s face it. Stickers are just fun to give away, and they’re even more fun to receive.

Go to any daycare centre and see how excited the children get over stickers. They get used as accessories and tattoos or as toys and rewards for a job well done.

There’s something about getting a sticker that brings out the child in us. And by using promotional stickers to spread your brand, you can tap into that whimsical feeling they evoke.

Get Promotional Stickers for Your Business

It’s quite clear that stickers, while small and cheap, are versatile and can pack a big punch.

So, are you ready to incorporate vinyl promotional stickers into your company’s marketing strategy? Island Printing is the top spot to go for your marketing and promotional printing needs.

Contact us today to request a quote and get started on your order of stickers.


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