The Psychology Behind a Killer Business Card

A Woman Holding A Business Card

There’s a psychology behind a killer business card – the kind you WANT to hand out at networking events.

It’s one of the most famous scenes in Mary Harron’s film American Psycho…

In a circle of businessmen, Patrick Bateman is showing off his brand new business card. All of a sudden, the other men begin to tout their own specialised cards. Each is pretty similar– just small differences in texture and font.

Iconically, Patrick Bateman says: “Oh my god. It even has a watermark.”

So, why was there so much focus on the business cards of all things?

Because they’re important.

As a business professional, your business card is who you are in a nutshell. It needs to contain all of your basic information, but you’ll need to do more to stand out from the crowd these days.

Island Printing knows how important it is to have the perfect business card – and you can even have your own watermark (if your interests are at all aligned with Bateman’s, that is).

We have over 12 years of experience in printing and design, and we’ve seen the creativity used in business cards expand. Gone are the days where a white business card with your basic information will cut it.

Instead, make your business card just as creative as you are. It’s not just for those in creative fields either. A great business card will make you stand out from any crowd.

Why care about your business design?

Imagine this: you’re out at the shops and overhear that someone is looking for the exact service you provide. As a professional, this is your moment to hone in and make that personal connection.

Handing them your business card is a way to seal the deal, giving them all the information they need to find you and use your business.

Now imagine the situation reversed. Someone has just given you their business card linked to a service you need. Later that day, another professional hands you their card. It’s more modern and contains interesting graphics. You have a choice now – who do you contact?

One of the first things a customer is likely to look at is the card itself. We all know that the art of design has a huge impact on people buying a product.

So it’s time to put the old way of looking at business cards behind us and move on to take advantage of the psychology that can make your business card work for you.

What stands out about good business card design?

Humans are creatures of sight. We like to see things that are aesthetically pleasing, rather than boring.

We also like first impressions, so starting off with a card that has incredible design is a step in the right direction.

Good use of colours, negative space, font choice and size, and card shape can all evoke different feelings within the customer. Given the choice between the regular business card and the modern and well-designed one we mentioned earlier, chances are you’d pick the interesting one. So why not give your business the advantage?

Looking for employment? Pay attention!

If you are a professional looking for work, good business card design is really important and should not be overlooked.

Just as we make sure our resumes are a good representation of who we are, a business card should also complement that. Psychologically, your employer of interest may follow up with you as a result of your professionalism and the information provided on your business card.

Keep these things in mind…

When designing your business card, use some of these tips if you want to harness some psychology to help your business. It’s a simple card, yes, but it’ll end up doing a big job if it’s designed to work for you.

So how do you get a killer business card?

Don’t forget about branding

People love stability and for things to stay the same. There’s a reason why fast food chains have a simple, big logo stamped across each and every item – it keeps their brand at the forefront of their product.

And you should too.

This united image starts with your business card. When figuring out your business design, be sure to have a logo that represents your brand. Make sure that it isn’t one you found quickly off Google, but that it gives real value to your company.

Colour choices can change how your customer feels

There is an entire branch of psychology dedicated to the study of colour and how humans interact with it. So, why not use that to your advantage?

Make sure that the colours of your business card match that of your branding and logo. Everything should be complementary.

For example, try and stay away from these killer colour combinations: light colours on a green background, light colours with light backgrounds, holiday colour schemes, or bright colours on a black background.

It’s possible to make clever designs where these could work. But, tread carefully. Even busy patterns as a background can detract from your overall design.

There’s a psychology behind a killer business card – the kind you want to hand out at networking events. Our design strategies are made to sell.

Font selections matter

Ever hear someone in your office make a joke about the Comic Sans font? There’s a reason for it, and it’s that the child-like Comic Sans is hardly ever used in the right context (and it’s been used to death!).

Make sure that the font you select fits the context of who you are as a professional and what your business is!

Test different fonts out with your business design and research the opinions of typographers who are vocal online for a good starting point.

Style it with shape!

The rectangular business card is so traditional it’s hard to imagine a world where it wasn’t the standard. But nowadays you can break into new territory with various shapes.

Square, ultra-slim rectangles, round-edged, or circle business cards are all available. Different glosses and textures can be added as focus features as well- just don’t go too overboard!

Do your business design with Island Printing

To take your business design to the next level, be sure to consult with Island Printing to get the job done.

We offer services to create your perfect business card, as well as printing large banners and other projects. Contact us to get to work!


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