Making a Spot On First Impression: 3 Advantages of Spot UV Business Cards


Congratulations!: You’re creating business cards to advertise your services, meaning that you understand business cards are still very relevant in the age of Google and smart phones. In fact, as of 2017, 27 million business cards were being printed every day.

In light of that encouraging statistic, how can you make your cards stand apart from your Gold Coast competition? Here’s a suggestion: Consider investing in spot UV business cards.

Read on to learn about the benefits of a spot UV business card.

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They Help Your Business Stand Out

How many of your competitors distribute glossy professional-looking business cards?

both in terms of direct and indirect local competition, your aim is to stand out. A well-designed business card with spot UV coating can help you do just that. An individual may collect several business cards a day for various services of interest to them. However, if yours is more eye-catching than the rest, you might be rewarded with a higher level of interest.

Your Card Won't Be Tossed

The idea that your business card is unceremoniously thrown into the rubbish bin is disheartening. How about if you invest in a higher quality design and printing method to ensure that your card is worth keeping?

A spot UV business card isn’t just more appealing; it is more durable as well. The glossy varnish casts a layer of protection over the card, making it more resilient to normal wear and tear.

They Help Highlight Your Messaging

Do you hope to draw attention to a specific message on your business card?

It could be a new deal or special promotion for your new product. Also, you might just be interested in highlighting your contact information and your name. Whatever the case may be, spot UV printing highlights your messaging in an attractive manner.

You can even add a little intrigue when you opt for blind spot UV treatment. Blind spot UV uses a special double-treatment method that makes your printed message visible only in a lighted setting. Your potential clients will see that there is a message behind the glossy finish, but they need to raise your card to the light to see what it says.

Get Help With Your Printing Needs

Are you ready to expand your business with the help of brand new promotional material and communication?

Make the best of your local Gold Coast business by investing in printed materials. Whether you need spot UV business cards, brochures or any other material printed, we are at your service. Contact us today for pricing, options, and other details.




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