Be the Talk of the Town with Your Custom Printed Marquees

A Printed Marquee Tent

Having a marquee for your trade show booth allows people to see who you are from afar. Here’s how you’ll get people talking with your custom printed marquees.

Looking to make a splash at your next trade show or promotional event? Want to create a space that’s exciting, dynamic, and like nothing else there?

Custom printed marquees are just the ticket!

Most people think of marquees as large-scale structures erected for weddings or other big-ticket events. Yet, the reality is that marquees have a wide variety of uses.

One important use is their application in the business field. With the help of a professional printing company, you can now have a smaller-scale marquee designed to promote your products or services.

Designed in rich color with attention to detail, these marquees can transform your space from bland to bold, and can turn heads like few other advertising materials can.

If you’re ready to take your marketing and advertising to the next level, keep reading! Today, we’re breaking down just what custom printed marquees can do for your business.

Custom Printed Marquees Allow Creative Expression

The great thing about this type of promotional gear is that custom printed marquees are just that — totally custom.

There’s no standard template to fit your logo or image into, and you don’t have to worry about meeting specific design guidelines.

Rather, your printer will work with you to ensure that the final product is totally representative of your company. This way, you can be sure your design meets all of your goals.

One benefit of this customization? You can be positive that at your next event, no one will have a display like yours. You’ll stand out from the crowd with eye-catching graphics. You’ll also leave a long lasting impression even after the event is over.

Working hand-in-hand with your printer is an essential step in making sure your custom design turns out just the way you want it to. Through clear communication and a dedicated review process, your printer can show you a mock-up of your design before it is printed onto the marquee.

This can help ensure that every detail is to your satisfaction, and represents the message you want to send. Then, when you’re ready to print, you can see your vision come to life in full-scale!

You’ll Create Content People Crave

Think about it: The main goal of any promotional event is to generate brand buzz. You want to get people talking about you, sharing about you, and coming to you to meet their business needs.

That said, advertising materials that work in a different setting might not be as effective in this type of environment. Sure, you can pass out copies of your latest data slick or press release, but won’t virtually everyone be distributing the same collateral?

Custom printed marquees are the way to ensure that your company’s message doesn’t end up lost at the bottom of a trade show goody bag. This is because they appeal to your audience in an entirely new and exciting way, by impacting one of their most visceral and powerful senses: sight.

Did you know that research shows content that contains compelling images generates 94% more views than content that doesn’t? That means that only 6% of your consumers want to read text — the rest want to see pictures.

In addition, 63% of consumers value a company’s images over its product-specific information. Fifty-three percent say images are more important to them than a company’s ratings or reviews.

In other words, more than half of your consumers will look at the images your company portrays, and use these to guide their purchasing decision. They’ll value this information even more so than the opinions of your current customers, or the product specs you release.

So in a nutshell, your images carry a lot of weight. Taking the time to depict them in a large-scale format via custom printed marquees isn’t just good business sense. It could make the difference in whether a prospect decides to take a chance on you or not. To this end, it’s arguably the most effective form of advertising you can buy.

Ease of Use Frees Your Teams

If you’ve ever had to deal with a bulky booth display, or a banner that just won’t lie flat, you know how time-consuming setting up for a promotional event can be.

The unfortunate reality is that’s time you and your team could be spending working the crowd. With so many valuable connections sitting mere feet away, it would be a shame to spend tons of time getting your space just right. Thanks to custom printed marquees, you don’t have to.

These types of displays are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be set up and torn down in seconds. In addition, marquees are reusable, taking the time and guesswork out of planning your next event.

If you’d rather spend your time making connections, not making sure your display doesn’t fly up, move around, or fall down, marquees are the way to go.

In addition, marquees are reusable, taking the time and guesswork out of planning your next event.

High-quality ink and professional printing materials mean your marquee is able to sustain repeat use and exposure without sacrificing color or performance quality. You won’t have to worry about your design fading, or your words warping over time

To this end, investing in custom printed marquees generates an incredibly high ROI. For just the price of one marquee, imagine the income potential as you attract new clients, retain existing ones, and reach a wider audience range — all without saying a single word.

Printing, Design and More: The Industry We Love

If custom printed marquees sound like a good solution for your company, we’d love to help.

We’re a full-service printing firm specialising in helping individuals and companies express themselves to the fullest extent.

From initial concept to the completed, finished product, we’ll work with you every step of the way. The result? Visuals that represent your message and meet your standards.

For more information on our corporate advertising materials, be sure to check out our banners & signs section. Then, feel free to contact us with any questions or leave a comment below and let’s start printing!


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